Newest Cartoons
Cartoon of Sisyphus rolling a stone up a mountain alone watching a group carrying a stone run past. A demonstration of how teamwork is better than going it alone.
Working as a team
Having a meeting when the project is complete because the meeting is scheduled on the calendar for the rest of the year. Meeting cartoon. Office comic.
Because the meetings on the calendar
Pen test cartoon. Boss next to auditor performing a penetration test. He says, "Can you make the penetration testing stop. I think we've been penetrated enough!". Audit cartoon
Enough penetration testing
Cartoon with boss asking employee to go home sick. The employee responds, why waste a sick day being sick. Sick day comic.
Waste a sick day
Virtual assistant cartoon of a business woman talking on her cell phone at a cafe requesting a document be sent to her virtual assistant's virtual assistance. Virtual assistant comic.
Virtual assistant's virtual assistant
Cartoon of a man, standing up and shouting Don't touch anything until the auditors leave. Financial audit comic.
Until the auditors leave
Old financial system
Old financial system
Maybe we shouldn't go around the table introducing ourselves. Meeting cartoon.
Meeting introductions
Legacy financial system cartoon. Two men look at an old computer with floppy disks scattered around. Calls it a bit legacy. Comic.
Legacy financial system
Multi-factor authentication cartoon. 17 factor authentication. Man at his office holding his eye open for retinal scan. Palm scanner. Card reader. Two-factor comic.
Multi-factor authentication
Auditors are reviewing the audit findings with a client. They tested internal controls marking failed ones red and irrelevant ones yellow. Audit comic. Orange ones.
Review audit findings
Heisenberg Audit Firm confusing testing internal controls with Uncertainty Principle. He said they couldn't observe internal controls and rate their effectiveness at the same time. Audit comic.
Heisenberg Audit Firm
Time efficiency cartoon. Boss points to a graph showing most time spent in meetings. He asks for any ideas on how to be more efficient with time. Time management comic.
Time efficiency
Referrer spam cartoon. Boss points to a web analytics graph showing website traffic. He says the referral spam makes the graph look fantastic. Referral spam comic.
Referrer spam
Value-Add to an audit report. Auditor gives report to client with money taped to the cover. He comments on the Value-Added. Audit comic.
Value-add for audit reports
Security cartoon. Protext passwords. Password written in plain sight. Thief says how long to crack a password. Protect password comic.
Protect password
Password policy requires password be changed. Password is written down in plain sight. Password security cartoon.
Password expiration
Data security cartoon. Your data wouldn't be secure if you could access it. Security comic.
Data security
Motivational poster. Back to work or you're fired. Successories comic.
Motivational poster
Cartoon showing a house being built using agile methodologies. 1st iteration. Scrum. Agile comic.
Agile is not for building houses
IoT cartoon. Internet of things. Volkswagen Thing, Steven King's. The Thing movie. Thing 1 and Thing 2 Doctor Suess. Fantastic Four Thing. Addams Family Thing.
Internet of Things (with cloud)
Multiple occurrences of a charge of the same amount on the General Ledger GL. Auditing GL for repeating debits or credits. GL Cartoon.
General ledger issue
Cartoon with business leader tells auditor he is concerned with why they purchase his services when they haven't had a significant issue in years. Audit comic.
Continue with audit services
Cartoon showing auditors reviewing the internet history of an employee. They say, Oh yeah, didn't we mention the audit includes internet history. Audit comic.
Audit internet history
Cartoon mindfulness meditation used in an office setting to increase productivity. One of the people meditating falls asleep. Meditation comic.
Mindfulness meditation
Friendly Approachable Chair cartoon. Boss sits in a throne at meetings. He wants everyone to feel as though they can come to him with any questions or concerns. Meeting comic.
Friendly Approachable Chair
Cartoon showing a tax preparation accountant asking his clients why they would trust tax software when they could pay him to trust it for them. Tax filing comic.
Trust tax software
Paleo Diet gone a bit too far cartoon. Paleolithic diet comic showing a couple eating lunch, when one of them grabs a bird to eat.
Paleo Diet gone too far
Scientist reading his horoscope. Science and pseudoscience comic.
Scientist reading horoscope
A mouse uses a dowsing rod to find cheese in a maze. His skeptical companion looks on. Pseudoscience cartoon.
Mice dowsing in a maze
Global warming denial
Global warming denial
Rover with dowsing rod searching for water on Mars. Comic water witching.
Search for water on Mars
Groundhog Day cartoon. Scientist ask for more scientific method for determining long winters. Pseudo science comic.
Groundhog Day
Cartoon man standing in front of two machines holding papers. The signs labeling the machines had fallen. He doesn't know which is the copier and which is the shredder. Office comic.
Copier shredder confusion
Boss wears on a female worker's shoes because she asked him to put himself in her shoes. Empathy is a critical characteristic of good leadership.
Put yourself in their shoes
Lottery ticket office prank gone wrong. Man knocks papers off his bosses desk as part of a dramatic exit upon winning the lottery. Office prank comic.
Office prank gone wrong
Group of professionals holding up certifications.
Group of certified professionals
Cartoon of a woman holding a certification. Maintaining certification with continued education. PDU. Continuing Professional Education CPE. Certified comic.
Woman holding a certification
Cartoon showing a presentation with a man holding a giant floppy disk. An attendee remarks Big Data jokes never get old. Big Data comic.
Big data jokes never get old
Cartoon 'Up and to the right'. A graph showing how social media is leverage to increase company profits. Social media comic. Up and to the right.
Leveraging social media
Cubicle decoration policy. Cartoon of a woman who cluttered her cube with Christmas decorations. Cubicle comic.
Cubicle decorating
Cartoon showing people in an office fighting over reserving days off on the new vacation calendar. Office comic about requesting days off.
New vacation calendar
May not accept gifts over a nominal value. Cartoon showing a man refusing to accept money, tickets, golf clubs, and keys. A comic showing a government employee gifts of a nominal value.
Only accept gifts of nominal value
Cartoon showing a man being put in an ambulance. His insurance agent is with him. He tells him his arm and leg will cover the premiums, but they still need to discuss his deductible. Health insurance comic. Car crash.
Health insurance costs an arm and a leg
Awkward meeting cartoon. Comic showing a woman in a meeting with several men in suits. She has an awkward look on her face. Office cartoon.
Awkward meeting
Audit cartoon showing showing a woman being treated like police are performing the internal audit. Financial audit comic.
Ring display responsive design
Ring display responsive design
Customer survey feedback
Customer survey
A man shows up for work in a Halloween costume only to discover he is the only one who dressed up. Halloween comic.
Halloween costume
Data entry cartoon. Enter the information in the computer comic. Frustrated man yelling at boss. Office cartoon.
Data entry
Internet of Things cartoon. Humor comic.
Internet of Things
Successful business man cartoon. Raining money. Business comic.
Raining money
Cartoon showing a ship crashing into an iceberg. Common malicious hacking tools are written on the iceberg. Advanced persistent threat comic. Malware, keylogger, zero-day, adware, ransomware are listed. Think we can say we didn't see it coming?
Advanced Persistent Threat
Startup crazies are young, hip, energetic, alcoholics excited to be unemployed. Entrepreneur cartoon.
Startup Crazies
Vendor booth comic showing a woman using a fishing pole with money as bait to draw people to her vendor table. Business cartoon.
Vendor booth
Critical updates cartoon showing doctors performing an operation when their computer starts installing updates. In the middle of surgery the computer reboots. Medical comic.
Critical updates during operation
Doctor professionalism comic where a doctor is shocked while examining a patient. He calls for his colleagues to come and see. Medical cartoon.
Doctor professionalism
Psychiatrist comic showing a doctor asking a patient if they have any friends. The patient refers to their Facebook and Twitter friends. Mental health cartoon.
Therapy session
Comic showing a boss confronting an employee on what he thought was an anonymous office survey but was not. He suggested the boss "staple his bottom lip to the back of his head". Office comic.
Anonymous office survey
Cartoon of a boss angry with his IT employee because he is out of coffee. He wonders why with all the computing power, he still ran out of coffee. Coffee comic.
Out of coffee
Ultrasound comic where a nurse has the monitor set to a monster movie.
Oops, wrong channel
Byod - Bring your own device comic. An old man with a brick phone wants to learn about apps and how to get them on his phone.
Bring your own devices
Comic showing two police officers talking to a bum. The beggar tells the police he is not begging but is crowdfunding. Crowd funding cartoon. Crowd-funding.
Crowd funding
Comic about telecommuting.
Working remotely
Comic making fun of Advanced Persistent Threat where a man bangs his head against the computer. The boss stands behind observing and remarks that he's not advanced but certainly is persistent. APT comic.
Advanced Persistent Threat Attempt
Cartoon about Advanced Persistent Threat. This APT comic depicts a man panicking trying to figure out what advanced persistent threats are.
What is Advanced Persistent Threat
Cartoon of a woman presenting a disaster recovery plan to the office. A man asks, what about Firenados. Disaster recovery plan comic about risks of fire, tornado, earchquake, flood. But not firenados.
Disaster recovery plan
Two men stand admiring a wall of professional certifications. Name has many initials behind it. Professional certification comic.
Too many professional certifications
IT physical security cartoon showing a man in prison issued clothes carrying a computer past a security desk. He waves to the security guards. IT Physical Security comic.
IT Physical Security
Cartoon showing a boss stands in front of his software development team and informs them that their IT training budget has been cut again this year. They are to receive instead an old travel brochure. IT training budget comic.
IT training budget cuts
Sexual harassment situation where women are sexually harassing a man. While he bends over to pick up a box of paper, they overtly gawk at his backside. Comics for newsletters.
Sexual harassment
Grumpy looking man tells a coworker that he hasn't heard a word she's said since her finger touched his monitor. Social media comics.
Don't touch my monitor
Two business men watch as a dump truck filled with a ton of coders empties the programmers onto the street. They remark that this will put their project back on schedule. This demonstrates the mythical man month principle. Project management comics.
The Mythical Man-Month
An office of software developers tries ninja uniforms to help them be more agile in their software development. Software development comics.
More agile software developmemt
A notepad, pencil, eraser and calculator. Accounting comics.
Accounting software for small business
Two men at a water cooler are discussing where a coworker is going. The coworker passes by carrying golf clubs and a tennis racquet. Conferences are like company paid for vacations. Presentation comics.
Technology conference vacation
Leader begins his presentation by apologizing for twerking at the office party. Business comics for social media.
Twerking at the office party
A meeting where the leader is telling the team, that regardless of the results of a marketing analysis, they will go forward with a project. Business comics for social media.
Ignoring the marketing analysis
At what point does penetration testing turn into hacking? This cartoon shows a concerned boss asking a penetration tester of they are almost done. IT Audit comics.
Penetration testing
Speaking to an IT professional, pointing to a graph and asking why sales aren't moving to the cloud since everything else is. Business comics. Up and to the right.
Moving to the cloud
A man is on Facebook complaining about the meeting he is in when he is informed that the computer he is using is actually the projector PC for the conference room. Office comics for presentations.
On Facebook during a meeting
Man wearing blue jeans to the office on Thursday, instead of casual Friday. The others in the office are shocked he would ignore the dress code. Office comics.
Jeans at the office
A cardiologist is advising his heart patient against looking at his medical bill. Medical comics.
Medical bills are bad for the heart
In the introduction to a meeting, the leader acknowledges that the agenda will be ignored and the topic will stray. Comic for social media.
Ignoring the meeting agenda
In a meeting, a new app is presented that does nothing but display a loading screen. The boss claps, he is ecstatic just to have an app in the App Store. App development comics.
We're in the App Store
A man giving a presentation stands in front of a large group of people with one of his slides projected behind him. He tells the audience that he intends to read each of the slides to them and that he has nothing to offer beyond what is on the slide. Comics for presentations.
Reading slides to audience
A man reads an e-mail which was sent to him and copied-in (cc:) all of North America. In it, he is being corrected by someone for misspelling 'tactful', which is ironically exactly what the writer is lacking by including all of the people on the e-mail.
A gag cartoon about identifying stakeholders. Using the pun steak holder, a man stands holding steaks in the air amid a group of business people. Comics for presentations and newsletters.
Identify stakeholders
A boy stands before his class telling about his summer. He points to a map of the United States and says that he flew on an airplane but never saw any of the lines that are on the map.
My first time on an airplane
During an IT audit, an auditor is informing the client that hanging a backup tape from a flag pole does not constitute offsite storage. The man asks if making the pole longer would make any difference. Accounting comics. Audit comic.
Offsite storage for disaster recovery
A gag cartoon where a leader is explaining to his team the obvious fact that success will come from finding something that makes money, then doing that thing over and over again. A business comic.
The key to successful business
A gag cartoon showing a woman who redesigned a company website using responsive web design as she understood it. The website was actually talking to the user. It is a joke about responsive design. Comics for newsletters.
Responsive Design
A gag cartoon showing a leader informing his team that rather than spend money on re-designing the company's website to be responsive, they were instead going to recommend all of their customers buy mobile devices the size of a monitor. Black and white comic.
Responsive web design alternative
A man gloriously stands on his desk as a beacon for all in the office to rise up and remove their shackles. Papers are thrown in the air and some are frightened. Comics for presentations and newsletters.
Office uprising
A gag cartoon showing a man in front of a pie chart that demonstrates the majority of their time is used logging their time and preparing time reports. Comics for social media.
Time tracking solution
Comic about after an audit, a team is told that until they purchase a segregation of duties (or separation of duties) solution, they must hold hands and press the transmit button together.
Segregation of Duties
A man is caught taking a selfie at his desk when his boss walks up behind him. He is wearing a silly hat and holding a drink umbrella when he notices his boss standing behind him. He was goofing off instead of working. Silly office comics.
Taking a selfie at the office
A gag cartoon where an overweight man tells his doctor the excuse that he is big boned. The doctor reviews his x-ray and informs him his bones are a normal size, he's just fat. Comics for presentations.
Overweight man visits a doctor
A man eating really smelly food, limburger cheese sandwich, at his cubicle is stinking up the office. People in cubicles nearby are gagging. Funny business comics.
Smelly food in the office
A man demonstrates wearing his ID badge where it is clearly visible. Emphasis is used to show how visible his Id badge is placed. Business comic for newsletters.
Wear badge where clearly visible
A man not allowing someone to piggyback and not swipe their security badge. Demonstrating the importance of each person swiping their badge. Great for demonstrating restricted physical access controls. Comics for newsletters. Security of Assets.
Swiping badge
A business man sitting at a desk with his face pressed against a monitor. Comics for presentations and newsletters.
Face pressed against a monitor
Gag cartoon where a man visits a doctor with a chainsaw stuck in his shoulder. The doctor asks him what seems to be the problem. Funny doctor comics.
Emergency doctor visit
Whimsical cartoon comparing a week to children riding their bicycles. On Monday they carry their bikes. By Wednesday they can ride their bikes. And by Friday they are picking up speed and enjoy an exciting ride through the weekend, which flies by. Then they start over again. Comics for social media.
Week Cycle
A woman sitting on an exercise ball curling a dumbbell. She is demonstrating the importance of exercise for people who spend their days sitting at a desk. Health comics.
Woman exercising at her desk

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