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How it works

Designer Hipster makes it easy to purchase cartoons for your publication, newsletter or social media needs. Full-sized cartoons are available for download so that you can test them out before you buy. When you are ready, you may easily purchase a license to use the cartoon as often as you like. The following conditions apply:

  • You may use the cartoon on whatever you like (print, web, newsletter, presentation, coffee mugs, …)
  • You may use the cartoon as many times as you like
  • You, your company and your family may use the cartoon
  • The cartoon may be duplicated and distributed as part of a publication or product, however the right to use the cartoon may not be duplicated or distributed
  • You may sell a product that uses the cartoon, but you may not sell the right to use the cartoon
  • You may modify the cartoon (just don’t say it came from Designer Hipster if you do)
  • You may not sell the cartoon or the right to use it, even if you modify it
  • You will not have exclusive rights to the cartoon unless otherwise negotiated (meaning you may see the cartoon used somewhere else)
  • After check-out you will receive an e-mail receipt containing a license for the use of the cartoons.


Have an idea for a cartoon? Let's talk. Send an e-mail to


If you'd like to contact us, please send an e-mail to

Frequently asked questions

Be sure to look at the How it works section which should answer most of your questions.

  • Can I remove your caption and add my own?

    Sure. You can modify the cartoon however you want, just be sure to remove the 'DesignerHipster.com' signature if you do.

    Even if you modify the cartoon, you cannot sell it or give someone else the right to use it.

  • What's to stop me from using the cartoon without paying?

    Your conscience we hope. We want people to be able to try the cartoons before they buy them, which increases the risk that some people will steal them. It's worth the risk to us to ensure you're satisfied with the cartoon.

    Do the right thing!

  • How can I get a higher resolution image?

    One of the ways we keep the prices low on our cartoons is by saving storage space with standard resolution images. If you need a higher resolution copy, send us an e-mail request. There will be an additional charge as we will most likely have to redraw it. The additional cost will be based on the complexity of the cartoon.

    It is important to us that you be satisfied with our products. You will find that any additional charges will be reasonable.

  • How long does it normally take for custom work?

    We try for the next day depending on our work load and how well prepared the customer is.

    Most people with really good cartoon ideas haven't refined them well enough to immediately start drawing. Single panel cartoons, especially gag ones, will sometimes require some back-and-forth to get right, which would prevent us from hitting our goal of the next day. We are pretty quick once we've nailed down the idea.

  • What is the price for custom cartoons?

    It depends on whether you want it just for yourself, of if we can add it to our catalog for others to purchase. If it is not necessary that it be exclusive and we see potential for others to purchase it, we'll probably just charge you the standard price for our cartoons ($5).

    Exclusive cartoons or cartoons that we don't think will sell well will cost more, based on the complexity of the cartoon.

If you still have questions, feel free to e-mail us at .

About Us

Designer Hipster started out as a webcomic strip about an eccentric software designer and his office pals. The silly antics in the strip worked surprisingly well in presentations and newsletters, which spawned the idea for cartoons expressly for that purpose.

We wanted to keep the site simple and so we allow you to download all of the cartoons to try them out. And when you are ready, you can purchase the ones you want to use. Plus, rather than try to enforce difficult rules about how the cartoon can be used, we decided we'd rather let you do whatever you want with them (except resell them).